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A helicopter lands in four magicians and a jungle glade jump out. Magicka: Vietnam’s first moments set for the insanity in the future.

The first growth of Magicka throws your pint sized fight-mages into a fantastical version of the Vietnam War, where gun replaces the Vietcong -toting goblins, and the US forces to four magicians that are psychotic. There is a survival area and a rescue mission to fight through, both of which ask the important question: what is bullets, magic, or finest?

It is a trick question. The response is napalm.

Here’s why it is fantastic. You summon elemental orbs, then join them, to throw spells in Magicka. Distinct mixes of orbs project spells that were different. There is no mana bar, or any limitation on how many charms it is possible to throw out. You are able to call in air strikes as quickly as you can type.

Picture, then, four magicians each anxiously healing between bombardments as an infinite way to obtain goblins, throwing up protective shields and calling in a bombing run every minute roughly bill from the jungle. These crazy defences with buddies on Magicka: the survival map of Vietnam are easily the best part of the growth.

The rescue mission is staid. You’re instructed to save numerous prisoners of war and dropped into a jungle. The occasional ogre with a minigun and armed goblins attempt to prevent you. Normally by shooting at you and standing slightly off display, which will be particularly infuriating given how strong the new firearms are.

It is incredibly hard, particularly when you are attempting to run it alone and takes about 40 minutes to play.

Play with buddies, and it is potential to beat the problem spike and appreciate the excellent sense of humour of the game. The intentionally mangled address and the war movie references that are endless are a recipe for great comedy. When joined with the new toys and the never-ending survival map, Magicka enthusiasts who play regularly with friends will be pleased with the £3.49 price tag.

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